What To Wear On A Summer Roadtrip

I always think of comfort while traveling wether by plane or on the road, especially clothes that I’m going to be wearing. Please dress comfortably people but you don’t have to ditch style.

I love stalking celebrities and famous fashion bloggers on what they are wearing on their travel adventures. They always travel with style at the same time it looks comfortable. There is nothing wrong wearing with your favorite pjs but please avoid it if you can.

Okay, Let’s talk about my road trip outfit. This is what I wore from our roadtrip from Oregon to Park City, UT.

I always love a simple white tee, nothing goes wrong with your outfit if your wear white t-shirt unless you spill sauce on your shirts. LoL! And I paired it with camouflage shorts. Oh hey Please forgive the empty container I’m holding, we just finished our picnic lunch… but maybe that’s my best accessories hmmm. 😀 Haha…

A good pair of sunglasses is a must have. I didn’t wear make-up and my sunglasses helps me hides my eye bags. I may have ditched my make-up but never forget to apply sunblock before you leave the house especially this summer since the sun is so strong. Kate Somerville SPF 50 is my favorite.


Hit the road this summer with style. This is what to wear on a summer road trip.

1. White tee, jeans short,comfortable sneakers and sunnies to protect your eyes and to look cool.

2. Cute dress, sneakers and a cute baseball hat and never forget the cute sunnies

3. Wool hat, Off the shoulder top and jean shorts, some comfy sandals and stylish sunnies


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  1. Love the empty container 😉 Great sunglasses! I always have a couple of different pairs for road trips just in case I lose one somewhere…or in case I accidentally break a pair (which is why I’m a cheap-o when it comes to sunglasses!).

  2. Packing for your weekend getaway is one thing, but what are you going to wear in the car? Of course you want to be comfortable when you’re sitting for hours, but slipping into something you’ll re-purpose on Saturday or Sunday is key.

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