Weekend-ing in Mt. Hood, OR


Another weekend, another road trip to Mt. Hood, OR. This time we are going to see trillium Lake and have a nice picnic with a nice view. It’s been surreal, I can’t believe how beautiful Mt. Hood is. I’ve always want to visit Mt. Hood during the winter but driving is so hard and dangerous because we don’t have the right car or the proper tires. Finally, we got to see Mt. Hood, it’s my first time and Ash’s second time.

We are planning to do a camping trip next year at Trillium Lake since summer is over now and camp site’s are always full and need at least six months or more to reserve. Such a beautiful day in Mt. Hood and happy to see it during summer. And we hope to see Mt. Hood covered with snow. Someday we will and we just need to buy some snow tires for our mini cooper.

We love picnicking! We  brought some simple snacks with us and we shared it with the squirrels and birds lol the squirrels are the cutest, they were our entertainers.

So much fun to disconnect with the chaotic city life and connect with nature. Hope to do it every weekend if we have a chance.

Please watch our Travel Video here


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