Weekend Best

When you work 8-5 everyday and are not happy, because it’s not what your passionate about. Then to make it worse the (micro)management sucks. Okay, we are both working in typical corporate America job’s (over worked, under paid, and unappreciated). We are also working in a toxic environment it’s not because the place its toxic, it just the management is toxic. Why we are still staying in our work? Right now, the main reason is we need our paycheck and medical insurance because Obamacare also sucks. Why should we have to pay a penalty just cause we don’t have insurance? It’s not that we don’t want any, quite the opposite actually. We just can’t afford what is offered at our crappy jobs. Anyway, thats enough bitching and complaining. We just wanted to share how happy we are on the weekends. Free from the work BS and we can be ourselves especially me. Someday, I will share why I am miserable at work. If we could and we can afford it, we would always be out enjoying walking around and window shopping and food of course. 🙂

And sometimes we go out for movies but most of the time we are all about the road trip. We are always excited for the weekends and who is not excited anyway? When Sundays comes our happiness starts to shatter again because tomorrow is Monday, the start of another week at work. We can’t wait to get out of our work and be free and do what makes us happy and at the same time make enough money for us to live and just be happy.


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