The unplanned trip is the best trip, don’t you agree? I think so. Saturday, a nice day and we are still in bed and lazy to get up. No plans at all for the weekend. Then when our back started to hurt and our tummy was complaining. We decided to get up shower and change and jump in our mini Maya and find a place to eat.


Ash was craving for cheesy and I’m craving for something salty. We agree to grab some Mexican food to satisfy both our cravings. So we went to Chevy’s We both ordered Quesadillas and ate a lot of chips.  After a quick lunch now what? Ash just started driving. Eventually we were heading down Cornelius Pass (Back roads) to highway 30 and then ended up in Scappoose, OR. we then continued on. Ash said we are going to end up in Rainer, WA, And yes we did. So we decided to drive more and continue on to Astoria, OR.

We parked for a quick pit stop at the Maritime Museum and found a few mini coopers parked in front of the museum. We stayed for a couple of minutes at the museum then we took the long way home. Its simple but so much fun.

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