Sunflower Saturday

Ash found the event on Facebook. I think one of his friends may have posted it. He was so
happy to show it to me because I’ve been asking him about a Sunflower Festival here in Oregon but he asked me to look online but I could not find one. Finally, Now that I stop looking for it.  It finally shows on Facebook. I could not contain my excitement. I love Sunflowers and who doesn’t love Sunflowers? 🙂 I am too excited For Saturday.

The Farm is located in Hood River, 65 miles away from Beaverton and scenic drive thru I-84.

Entrance is free which is good and if you want just pay $10.00 and pick sunflowers all you want. And they also have a store at the farm were they sold already picked sunflowers, canned fruits and vegetables and yessss… they have ice cream and doughnuts. 😀 Also, they have nice area for a picnic. Ash and I loves to picnic so we decided to bring our picnic basket with us and have a small picnic. We enjoyed walking around the farm, we took a lot of photos then ate our food after exploring the farm.  We picked a couple of sunflowers to bring home with us too.

And such a lovely day for our road trip. We drove 65 miles from our place to get to the farm.

We can’t wait for next summer for more Sunflower Events.


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