Sin City in 12 Hours

We had hoped we would have had more than 12 hours in Las Vegas. Maybe we will enjoy more in the city.

Although I’m not a fan of the 115 degrees F weather and the over crowded city. And one more thing they charge the tourist for everything, there is fee on everything.

I know most of the people went to Las Vegas to check out the casinos. We are not a fan of gambling and drinking but it did look like people were having a good time. Las Vegas has more stuff to offer, more than just casinos. They have a lot of shows that I wish we had time to watch one. We really wanted to watch one of the many Cirque de Soleil shows but no time and we are so tired from our roadtrip and we need to leave early in the morning and drive to Palm Springs with other Mini Cooper owners.

Our 12 hours started here: 👇🏻


Checking-in to New York-New York Hotel. We are so tired and exhausted from our roadtrip. Rest for a minute then we had a good cool shower before we head out to find some dinner.

Walking the Las Vegas Strip for sight seeing as we tried our best to ignore the heat.


I asked some co-workers who had been to Las Vegas many times before on where the best and affordable places to eat were. They each had their own favorites. One suggested we check out the Rio Hotel because they have gelato and another said the Paris Hotel has more food choices. And the winner is… The Paris Hotel. We loved the decore and the layout of the Paris Hotel more than New York -New York Hotel. Next time we visit Las Vegas I will definitely be booking the Paris Hotel.

We had dinner at Le Village Buffet. It had a really long line to check-in and pay. Luckily the line moved fairly quick, We only waited for 10-15 minutes to get a table. Dinner buffet fee is a little on the high side but it’s worth it. The food is so good, and there is a lot of options. There are different types of pasta, soup, meats and seafood. The fun part is macarons overload. And lots more choices but our stomachs were going to explode if we don’t stop eating. Time to walk it off and head back to our hotel room.


… Snooze time until my phone alarms. Time to get up and getting ready for Mini Takes The States 2016 Rise and Shine.

We were lost in the city and we couldn’t find the venue. Even our GPS was confused and when finally got there everybody was already lining up and heading out for the driving out to Palm Springs, CA.

Our Roadtrip continues…. Next stop Palm Springs, CA.


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  1. Wow, that’s hot!! I’ve spent a few quick days in Las Vegas for a conference before and just ran around seeing things, too. Good way to see the sights, and I’m not a big Vegas person anyway so it worked well!

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