Roadtrip: Las Vegas to Palm Springs


Roadtrip from Las Vegas to Palm Springs. Again, we didn’t follow the #MTTS2016 route, which we regret when we saw all their post on the #mtts2016 App. They went to Arizona as they followed the Historic Route 66. We drove by ourself to Palm Springs, California. We had fun but it’s not as fun as the roadtrip from Park City to Las Vegas. Going to Palm Springs is all freeways and traffic.


youWe passed by one of the many Ghost Towns of California and I asked my husband to stop by so I could take a picture. Although we didn’t get to go inside and check it out. There is an entrance fee of $8 per person and cash only. Unfortunately we didn’t have cash on hand. But I still took few pictures and we continued on to Palm Springs.




Welcome to Palm Springs!!!! This is my favorite city in California so far but not a fan of the weather. If you read and check my other post about Palm Springs you will see that the weather there is just nuts. Hot! Hot! Hot! 



We stayed just 2 nights and we didn’t really do much in Palms Springs outside of the MTTS16 events. We just hide inside our hotel to cool off. I will share more about Palm Springs in my next post.


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