Road Trip: Portland, OR to Park City, UT


The day that we’ve been waiting for is finally here. The Mini Take The States Rally 2016, where all mini coopers enthusiast from all across the country, and even a few from other countries will be rallying together from the East to the West Coast. Although we missed the 2014 events and we are excited for this years. We wanted to do all the way from Atlanta to Palm Springs CA but we couldn’t get enough time off work. We can only join them for 3 cities, we’ll meet them in Park City UT, then drive down to Las Vegas and end at Palm Springs.

Our Epic Roadtrip has begun….
From Portland, OR to Park City UT. Follow along!!!
We drove for about 12 hours on one Highway, I-84 EAST. And I love this highway with all the beautiful scenery.





A small picnic lunch at one of the Rest Stops we passed. Always bring food and snacks and a lot of water on any road trip.



All praise and hands down to my husband who is a good driver, he never got tired.  He even pushed our mini to a tick over 145 miles per hour when we were out in the middle of nowhere.  He never asked me to drive. He drove all the way and it was really exciting, fun and smooth road trip.


Lesson 101, always check your gas! It’s because of our excitement and were having so much fun we almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere and it’s a good thing our car has an option to drive in green mode. We survived in green mode on the one gallon reserve tank until we found an old town and got to put gas in our mini. Not a moment to soon our mini was saying only 7 miles till empty, and thats on a car that gets 36MPG. Whew! crisis averted now back out on the open road and our regularly scheduled program 🙂 .



Then… we head back out to the freeway again… to make a long story short… we are in IDAHO, yay!!!




Long Drive through Idaho… fun stuff… and then we are finally in UTAH.


I love UTAH… the rocky mountains is awesome… I know some people thinks its boring but for me its exciting to see all of this.




The Final Destination…

Good Job!

Currently relaxing in our hotel, heading out later to check out some of what Park City has to offer, and for the #MTTS2016 evening event.


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  1. I love this because I’m heading back out to Park City soon and wondered what the drive would be like! I’ll have to consider driving next time, since our plane tickets are already booked for this trip. Can’t wait to see where you go and what you do in Park City! Such a fun town!

  2. I absolutely love those rolling mountains in the high desert. I call them “dinosaur toes.” Great pictures! I hope you love Park City.

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