Road trip: Park City to Las Vegas


Another day, another road trip to another state. Its 6 to 7 hours 1000 plus miles to get there. This time its gonna be fun. After the rise and shine event at Rocky Mountain Raceway. We are heading out and driving to Las Vegas with fellow mini coopers owners.


The first group we followed was a group from Utah. We like them, they were so cool and friendly. They talked to us and made us feel welcome even though we are not part of their group. They also drove fast. Well, I can’t say I blame them. Mini coopers are a fun car. They are quick, fast, and corner very well. The husband drove 145+ mph while crossing open desert on a back road in the middle of nowhere but I didn’t feel like we were going that fast. It’s because our Maya is smooth and quiet and doesn’t feel like it’s struggling to maintain it’s speed. It is all fun and excitement while driving a mini cooper, you just wanna watch out for the highway police waiting for you. We almost got caught by police a couple times, Luckily Ash was smart to use the cruise control and he set it just barely below the speed limit while near any towns or cities. I had heard from others that some people got pulled over and were given a ticket.



I love this lady driving a red convertible Mini in front of us. Every time she passed a big truck she gave them a big wave. In the Mini Culture, you should always wave to a fellow Mini driver but it seems that culture is dying. We need to SAVE THE WAVE!



We lost the first group we followed from Utah in Wendover, Nevada when we stopped for gas. We followed another group that was from Iowa, we thought they would be as nice as the Utah group. Unfortunately we were wrong, they are not so nice. They never smiled or waved to us, or talked to us at stops. They just stared then went about their day ignoring us completely. They were so stuck up within their group. We felt bad about this and we decided to speed up and continue our drive to Las Vegas alone.



It is so much fun driving out in the middle of nowhere. But there’s always a scary part. The scary part is when you suddenly realize your almost out of gas and your phone has no signal you can’t find a gas station.It is recommended to have at least half a tank of gas in your car when your out driving in the middle of nowhere.




It is also highly recommended to bring some snacks and water, lots of water!












To make our story short. Finally we are in Las Vegas, so hot and so much traffic. LOL
… and our car was just covered with dead bugs. Viva Las Vegas, we checked in to New York New York Hotel. Review about New York New York Hotel and our night out in Vegas on my next post.


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  1. Great road photos, you captured it!! Looks like a fun experience but I also remember that scary feeling from road trips to the middle of the country… SO far from civilization sometimes!

  2. I love the sense of camaraderie that comes from following (being followed by) another car during a long road trip. I’ve driven that road many a time, and yet you make it sound much more entertaining than I ever remember it. 😉

    – Brianne

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