Quick Road Trip To Los Angeles

This trip happened last year during Mini Takes The States 2016. After our last day event in Palm Springs, CA we drove over to Los Angeles just a quick visit to the city. We know that a lot of people love LA but we can’t say wether we love it or not because we were only there for a couple of hours.

We have never been to LA before and it was our first time to see the city. It was unplanned and quick but exhausting trip. We went out to Hollywood Boulevard to check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and I was looking for Audrey Hepburn’s star. Unfortunate we didn’t have enough time to look for it because we can’t find a parking anywhere. But we did find Jackie Chan’s star LOL. A quick stop at the nearest Starbucks and bought my Starbucks mug to add to our Starbucks’ mug collection.

Our visit to LA would not be complete if we didn’t stop in for some In and Out. Gosh, In and out was beyond crowded, no parking, no tables to sit down and too much tourist. We managed to order burgers and fries but we can’t find table and chairs to sit down. So we ended up eating our meal outside, by the mailbox under the big tree to have a little bit of shade. And yah… did I mention that it was 100°F plus that day.

We can’t take it anymore so we drove back to Palm Springs to hide in our air conditioned hotel. Okay LA maybe to much to take in with quick a day trip, but we love to try new things and explore new places. While we might have had a horrible experience in LA we still want to visit the city of Angeles, and this time we need to plan. We still treasure our first adventure in LA. Until next time LA… we’ll be back.


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