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Now a days being able to readily access the internet is life, without it you are doom LOL. Kidding aside, traveling without data roaming disabled on your devices especially if its you first time visiting a foreign country could earn you a very big surprise from your carrier.
We experienced this last year. When we went without data the first time we visited Iceland and we don’t want to pay the massive fee for roaming on our carrier. Also, we forgot to buy local prepaid sim cards in Iceland. So we just went without data. Going from place to place was really difficult for us, we just got lucky we got upgraded by Cars of Iceland, they gave us a nicer car with navigation. Even with navigation we still managed to get lost many times. Oh and looking for gas stations were hard without data on our phones. We could only check our email and social media if we were in our Guest house in Keflavik and on Wifi. During our road trip we had none. And thank God! nothing horrible happened to us because we can’t call for help.

As we are going to be traveling to Europe and back to Iceland again. I did my research on the best way to have a reliable data connection no matter what country we were in without paying massive bills on our carrier or buying sim cards for all the different countries we go. I stumbled upon a blog about Iceland Travel and they mention about Skyroam. You can either rent or buy the device and buy a load card. Its prepaid so You only pay for what you need and it works in 110+ countries and growing. We got one and we are excited to use it on our upcoming travels this year. As a nice surprise it also turns out the device can also be used as a portable power bank to help keep your devices juiced up on the go.

I will give more details and a more in-depth review about SKYROAM after we get more chances to use it in more places. For the mean time if you are planning to buy one you can use SKYROAMXROR code for a 10% discount on your purchase. 🙂


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