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DSC03810It’s our first time in Las Vegas, we don’t really know what to expect. All we wanted at the time was a bed and a shower that we could unwind and relax a bit. The traffic for the last 15 or so miles of this leg of our trip was just crazy. So tired from our roadtrip from Park City, and even more exhausted when we finally reach the Las Vegas strip. With all the traffic and the weather was horrible at 115 Degrees F. We are really not use to this kind of weather anymore. Although we  both come from Tropical places. It’s been forever since we went home.

Checking In: New York- New York Las Vegas Hotel and Casino at 6:02PM

Registration had a long line of people checking-in. What can I expect it’s a Tourist Destination.

Registration and Casino is on the same floor. Gambling is not our thing so we don’t really care about the casino and I can’t really tell you more about their casino. All I know is it’s too crowded and too loud.

Let’s go to our bedroom for a night. We wasn’t  really expecting more or fancy service because we could only afford the cheapest room they have. We only need a room to sleep for a night anyway and a quick shower in the morning to wake up (and cool off) and then we need to drive to Palms Spring, CA in the early morning.

The room is a little bit tiny but had a descent size bed. Clean and neat but the bed sheet is not soft. They only gave us 3 pillows. I need more than 3 pillows. Haha…

Everything is tiny in this room. The shower and tub is really tiny with a low ceiling . I’m ok with it because I’m tiny. My husband is not ok with it. He keep hitting his hands on the ceiling while showering the next morning. The towels were neat and clean and super white but a bit scratchy.  The shower drainage was partly clogged, the tub was half full of water by the time u get done with a 10 minute shower.

They gave complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap. We never used their products though, simply because I always bring my own.

Also I think in Las Vegas, hotels never offer complimentary breakfast or even coffee. I’m not sure if they offer it on a suite. We even simply asked for 2 grande cups of water at the Starbucks in the lobby (it is 114 degrees outside ya know) and they told us that they would be $1.09 each plus tax… That’s when Ash raised an eyebrow and said “wait, what for a clear plastic cup and water straight out the tap?!… uhh never mind” and we left.

New York New York has a bunch of  nice restaurants inside but we never went in and try any of them. As people who’s been to Vegas before advised us to look for a hotel that offers a buffet. There is a lot of options out there for that but we chose to try the Paris Hotel’s buffet. I’m glad we did to the food was really good. More on that later, I will show what we ate and how much we ended up spending on my next post so stay tuned :).

My rate for New York New York Hotel is 2 star. The customer service is just ok. And they wouldn’t let us use the bellmens cart, you need to pay them to use their cart. We even told them we would bring it right back in 5 minutes we just wanted to drop our bags (which didn’t have wheels) off at our room but they still said no. Plus they don’t validate parking in there own parking garage? Really? Yes really. It just so happens that it was included in the booking fee I paid when I booked online. Oh and there is a resort fee and there is no way out of that. We told them it was after 7pm already and we were leaving at 6am the next morning and we don’t have a chance or time to use their pool. But we still had to pay the fee any way. Oh well them the breaks I guess. I booked my hotel thru Vegas.Com

This is not a sponsor post. My review and opinions are based solely on our stay in the hotel. ROR paid for everything.
Cost: Room & Taxes $69.54; Resort Fee: $33.60; Parking was $15/night but we got that back.
Total: $103.14

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  1. UGH, one of my pet peeves of staying anywhere for lodging is the shower – having enough hot water, water pressure, and tub drainage. Especially drainage can ruin the other two though because who wants to be standing in dirty water during the shower? Sorry that you had to experience that!

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