My Travel Essentials


Everyone has their own special needs and wants to carry with them on their travels whether on the road or flying in the air. Here are my travel must have.

1. Skin Products – A Girls got to take care of their skin especially when you are in a plane. I love my oils from Kiehl’s it hydrates and moisturizes my skin. I love the deluxe samples that I got from the stores. Perfectly sized for travel it’s light and you don’t have to worry much about TSA it so small.
2. Make Up – When I’m traveling I don’t bring tons of make up or wear much make up either. I just apply powder and wear lipsticks with a simple cat eye.
3. Hat – I love wearing my baseball hat. It helps me hide my hair when Im having a bad hair day. Also helps keep the sun out of my eyes.
4. Headphones – Comes in handy when there’s a lot of kids and babies screaming and crying beside you. I’m always make sure to bring some noise cancelling headphones.
5. Blanket Scarf– I get cold all the time. It helps me keep warm and its better than any air plane blanket I’ve ever tried.
6. Instax Mini 90 – Got to capture the special moments right? 🙂
7. iPad – I use my iPad more often than my Macbook Pro. I saved some of my favorite movies, magazines and books and keeps me entertain on the long hours flight and honestly I just can’t sleep on planes any way.
8. iPhone – because you need to have a phone especially now a days. I use my phone to take a lot of photos and videos. Oh and the GPS on this little guy comes in handy too.
9. – Passport with my Rebecca Minkoff Holder and Journal – you gotta have a passport or else you can go nowhere and I bring my journal all the time. I love to doodle and write stuff that inspires me during our trip.
10. Alexander McQueen Card Holder – I don’t do big wallets anymore and a card case is a lot lighter and cute.
11. My eyeglasses because I need it of course.
12. Ray-ban Aviator borrowed from the hubby and it’s a must have. Yep I need them too.
13. Apple watch – is a very handy little guy. It doesn’t only tell time but a lot of things. Its nice to find your way around an unfamiliar place by just getting a tap on the wrist with directions instead of staring at your phone screen ( with an “I’m Lost” look of confusion )to try and figure out were you are going. LOL
14. Macbook Pro – a bloggers must have duh! LOL

These are the stuff that I can’t live without on my trips. What’s in your travel bag? Comment down below and I want to know too! 🙂


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