My 2017 Birthday Story

We had planned to drive out to Highway 101 and check out Manzanita, OR. The road was still covered with snow and ice. Our mini has very bald summer tires currently and it was to dangerous to drive on snow. We pulled over at the next chain up area and turned around, change of plans. We drove to Cathedral Park in Portland to continue our adventure and celebrate my birthday with the picnic at the park instead.

I love a simple picnic! When my parents were still alive, we always went out for a picnic every weekend. We stopped doing that when they passed away. I miss those days so much, that’s why I always ask my husband to have a picnic anywhere. I don’t like fancy celebration for my birthday. I just wanted to celebrate it with my husband for simple picnic.

He is so supportive on everything and he knows that I love road trips. He did try to drive to the mountain but unfortunately it was really dangerous to drive there the past few weeks. I wanted a picnic so he gave me a picnic, but it was really freezing at the park. We are the only people there and some people that came along and passed by looked at us like we were crazy. haha.. Well, to be fair it was about 28 degrees F and winds in the 20-30mph range. So many they were on to something. LOL

We can’t even open our mouth to eat because its too windy and cold. We packed up and drove home to continue our picnic in our place. Afterwards I got to blow out my candles and ate my birthday cake.


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