Iceland Series: Golden Circle Road Trip


This is the most exciting activities of all the activities we had in Iceland. I don’t know if you notice that with all our post on Raz On Rollz, road trip is our favorite thing to do. We had a very limited time in Iceland so we had to make the most of it. we wanted to do the Road Ring Road trip but that takes one to two weeks to complete it. On our third day in Iceland. we did most of the Golden Circle Road trip. Really, really we only gone to three spots in thing Þingvellir National Park. And we wasted some time because we forgot to put gas in our rental car 🚗 and there is no gas station in the middle of nowhere. So we decided to go back to Reykjavik to put gas. “Bad, bad idea” Always be prepared, Put gasoline before you head out. Ah! we were so happy that every gas station has a small eatery and we were starving we haven’t eaten That day yet. I had heard and read some of the other travel blogges that in Iceland the hotdogs or Pylsa is the cheapest and also one of the best things you can buy, and wow it’s yummy. It’s so good but the hotdog is not really cheap like any other stuff in Iceland. We are back now in the US and we craving for some of Icelands famous  hotdogs 🌭 Trying to recreate their hotdog at home but it’s just doesn’t come out the same. Anyway, we are going back to Iceland and for sure we will be doing more hotdoging. lol 🙂





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