Iceland Series: Blue Lagoon

One of our bucket list items was to visit Iceland and Ash keep telling me he wants to experience the Blue Lagoon together because he read that Blue Lagoons water has a lot of good benefits for your skin.

We only stayed in Iceland for 3 nights and 4 days which I regret I did not book our stay longer. I should book our flight for two weeks but we both still working full time and as you all know requesting for vacation leave with your employer is pain in the neck. Even though our stay was too short, we still have fun and we really treasure the memories we created in Iceland.

We tried to enjoy and experience Iceland the most of it. We visited some part of Reykjavik on the first day and second (check our post here) and we drove Golden Circle on the 3rd day. We spend most of our second day at the Blue Lagoon.

Its required to pre-book your tickets because Blue Lagoon is always crowded and busy.  I am so glad I did book ours 2 months before we flew to Iceland.

Blue Lagoon have 4 types of tickets and packages;

  1. Standard – is the cheapest
  2. Comfort
  3. Premium
  4. Luxury – the most expensive ticket

For more details check here 

We picked Premium because it has more perks than Standard & Comfort tickets. It is expensive but we thought its worth it. Overnight stay at the Silica Hotel is not included in Premium package and we thought it would be cool if we stay at the Blue Lagoon overnight and we get to enjoy the water longer. Silica Hotel has a small lagoon similar to Blue Lagoon that you can stay longer once the main Lagoon is close.

They also offer in water massages that I regret I did not book, my husband should experience a real massage for the first time. There is always next time, I will for sure be adding that water massage the next time we visit Blue Lagoon.



We arrived in Blue Lagoon as we expected its super crowded and we waited for 15 minutes to get a chance to pose and take a picture in front of the Blue Lagoon sign. LOL!


The entrance of the Blue Lagoon is full of Tourist and the line is long but it moved pretty fast. The staff of the Blue Lagoon were so nice and they worked fast. We presented our printed ticket and they gave us our towels, bathrobes and slippers with our bracelet that we need for everything, to get in, lock & unlock a locker and also for buying food & drinks.

There is a locker for everyone, you just have to choose an available locker and use your bracelet to lock and unlock your locker.

We needed to shower and clean up before we head out to the lagoon. Showers are available inside the locker rooms and they offered body wash and hair conditioner.

PS: There are a lot of naked women walking around and changing clothes in front of you. And my husband had the same experience naked men everywhere the men’s locker room… haha  we had a little bit of culture shock. LOL!🤣🤣🤣

It was gloomy during that day and we really wish it’s going to rain or snow but none of that happens.

The water is so warm and its feels so good. The water contained sulfur and every time they pump fresh water, it smells a little like a rotten egg.🥚😂

The first drink is free. They have a swim up water bar and it is really cool because you don’t have to get out of the water and walk to their cafeteria and grab drinks. Just grab your drink at the water bar and they will scan your bracelet. If you get more drinks after your free drink they will just scan your bracelet and you pay it later in the entrance/exit when you leave.

Enjoying the warm water while enjoying your drinks is always a good idea😍

Silica Mud is for everyone but the Algae Mask is free for Premium and Luxury tickets. We tried all of it and also the Lava Scrub which was our favorite. All the products are available in their store and also available here in the US. They sell it online but all their products cost a fortune that’s why I did not buy for me but I really want to have one and test it if will helps my skin problem. Again, maybe next time 🙂

We stayed more than 4 hours and I’m glad I booked it on our second day in Iceland. A lot of post about Iceland say that they recommend it on your last day before your flight. For our opinion that’s a bad idea because you paid to experience Blue Lagoon and you did not get the chance to enjoy and stay longer because you need to rush to the airport to catch your flight. Again, this is our opinion, everyone has different experience and opinion. We definitely enjoyed out day at the Blue Lagoon and will be visiting them again.

Anyway, if we are not starving we would still be in the water LOL! We need to head out and look for food. The Lava Restaurant is so expensive so we decided to drive to Reykjavik and grab some food. When we got there everything that was not a bar or club was closed. Most of the establishments in Reykjavik closed early and we had no idea. We just went home and stopped by one of the Gas stations and they sell some yummy hotdogs. So hotdogs🌭 🌭🌭is our lunch and dinner. LOL!

Any recommendation where to eat in or around Reykjavik? Please comment below or shoot us an email cause we are definitely going back to see more.


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