College Nostalgia


Although my College life was a bit boring because my life only involved books and school,  unlike other teenagers in my era they love to go out partying. But I chose to be boring and concentrate on my studies. My College life might have been boring but my sense of style is not. 😂 I always play around with my outfit and make up. 

Today, I’m gonna talk 3 things that I still love wearing till this day.

Bold Lips. I love wearing bold lips and I think  I have a lipstick for every color of the rainbow. Bold lipstick always brings life to an otherwise boring look. 

Varsity Jacket. I love jackets and I love wearing them in College. Even though my motherland is hot like an oven but it still does rain a lot and when it rains I had to wear a jacket and I always wanted to have a varsity jacket but I can’t afford to buy one before. I’m glad that my husband bought one for me to fulfill my College dream to own  a varsity jacket. 🙂 

Beret Hat. When you are in your thirties and you hair starts to turn grey my solution is to simply hide it, and a beret hat is so stylish and perfect for that.

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