Birthday Escapade in Vancouver, BC


Ash and I been planning to travel by train to Canada, but
we did not get around to it. So since Ash’s birthday
was coming up on the 3RD of July and the firm that I’m
working with is close on July 3, 4 & the 5th. 
I asked Ash if he could take some time off from his
work on his birthday. We are so excited to
celebrate his birthday outside Oregon and
the thought of traveling by train for this
first time really excited us too. So, I booked it and
bought tickets online and upgraded our
ticket to business class.

JULY 1, 2017 Saturday. Portland Pacific Union Station.

We took Max train from our place too Union
Station. We both canโ€™t contain our excitement for
another adventure and this one is so special because
its his birthday. Traveling by train to another
country was on our bucket list as well. Hopefully
we can do this in Europe which is another trip
and adventure for us. 8 hours of train travel
here we come. Yahoo!!!




We left Union station in Portland around 3:30pm

we arrived in Vancouver BC around mid-night.

FYI, Vancouver, BC doesn’t have UBER or Lyft

because taxi is cheap and you can easily take a sky train

or a number of buses to reach the destination you want by

taking public transportation. we suggest you buy

a compass card and load money on it.

It’s because I planned too much we ended up missing

A few of the places we wanted to visiting. I think 3 days

is just really short. Our original plan were to visit the

most tourist spot like Stanley Park, & 

Victoria place, etc…

we did spend a good portion of our time walking around

downtown Vancouver. Too many places too

little time. Oh well Next time, and our visit its going

to be longer this time at least one week.

We had lunch at The Flying Pig in Gastown. Definitely recommend you give this one a look.

And than on a tip from a waitress we walked “just down the road a bit…” it ended up being about 2 miles each way. For some gelato. And it was worth it, Bella Gelateria definitely did not disappoint. On that very hot 95+F degree afternoon that cool and creamy treat hit the spot, it was nothing short of pure magic served ontop a light and crisp cone.



We hit the city again and did a little malling… 

… then walked over to check out Granville Island Public Market.

With all the hiking and walking we did all day long we deserved a full body massage. Oh it was so good, Ash later said I snored the whole process. But hey that’s just how relaxed I was ๐Ÿ™‚ I wished they could have gave us an hour nap on the table after. lol 

Then time to celebrate Ash birthday, we did more walking again to look for an Italian Restaurant but it’s worth it. They have the very best pasta we tried to date so far. ๐Ÿ Lupo’s we will definitely be stoping in again next time we’re in town.

 So sad to leave but we need to head back home… back to reality, But we’ll Be back soon! We promise๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป


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