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las brisas

We arrived in Palm Springs, CA. I loved the city and this my favorite place in the USA so far but I’m not a fan of the weather though. It’s 116 Degrees F , wooohhh… We are cooking!!!

BEST WESTERN Plus Las Brisas Hotel
222 S Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262-6618 | BEST WESTERN Plus Las Brisas Hotel


Checking In: Best Western Las Brisas, you all know guys based on my previous hotel reviews that I always choose Best Western because of their great rates and free hot buffet breakfast. 


The building structure is so pretty. Outside it has the Southwest feel. With all the Palm trees surrounding the building and Bougainvilla Flowers and cactuses. So pretty and I am amazed about the place If only the weather were just a little bit cooler it would be perfect.


Inside the room its more normal or I can say it’s more modern. The room is very tiny but has a big comfy bed. A small but very functional bathroom with a really small shower with clean towels everyday.

Also the room had a descent TV and a fridge that doesn’t seem to work. It couldn’t even keep 2 bottles of water cold. In all fairness though they did have a great internet connection.


My husband and I’s favorite is the gardens. It feels like you have a secret garden retreat and a spot to hang out.


They have a small swimming pool with a bar that is always crowded and we never used the pool because no time and it’s never empty.


This is our favorite part of the hotel. The Cantina where the free breakfast is. They made omelets to order for you and they had just about everything you could want for breakfast. Most of all their brewed coffee is very good.

So far Las Brisas is our favorite hotel and we highly recommend this hotel but don’t freak out with all the charges.

Cost: Room Charges (1st Night): $134.99; Tax: $15.32; CA Utility Surcharge: $3.00; Tourism Assessment: $4.05; Room Charges (2nd Night): $152.99; Tax: $17.59; CA Utility Surcharge: $3.00; Tourism Assessment: $4.59; Total: $335.73
This is not a sponsor post. My review and opinions are based solely on our stay in the hotel. ROR paid for everything.


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  1. 116? NOPE… I’m with you though I love a free breakfast at the hotel, even better if for weekday stays there is a free happy hour! And I just assume free internet at this point, I get irritated knowing some places have the gall to charge still!

  2. What a beautiful hotel! Love the architecture and gardens. I, too, would melt at 116 degrees but those gardens are so gorgeous, they would be worth at least a quick walk through before I headed back to the air conditioned room 🙂

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