Best Western Plus Landmark Inn

6560 N Landmark Dr, Park City, UT 84098ยท | BEST WESTERN
Plus Landmark Inn

Park City is so beautiful with all the mountains and it seems that you are closer to heaven. Definitely we need to go back there someday.

During our quick visit at Park City we stayed at the Best Western Plus Landmark Inn. Where the hotel stands right now is perfect. Beautiful views and closer to restaurants, malls and stores. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the hotel outside. I borrowed one the picture below from Best Western Plus Landmark Inn website.

"VFMLID=43065745"Photo Credit: Best Western Plus Landmark Inn

The hotel looks more like a lodge and I think it’s purposely design that way because it is built high up in the mountain’s among ski parks.

The weather is hot during the summer so the indoor pool and jacuzzi is perfect . I love how they built it indoor that during cold season you can still swim because it’s heated. Again we don’t have time to try and jump in the pool ( next time for sure ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Photo Credit: Best Western Plus Landmark Inn

Tired from our road trip and all we wanted to do was put down everything and jump into bed for a quick nap. We were surprised that our room had 2 beds. I wasn’t informed but well 2 beds is better that 1. The bed is comfortable and all the sheets are clean that’s a good thing. And yes, I didn’t take photo of the other bed. That’s where we throw all our junk. Haha… 

The room was a decent size it had a chest of drawers, a nice TV (that we never used). Coffee & tea as well as a coffee maker and I tried their coffee, I must say its fine. It has a tiny fridge which was good to store some bottles of water and snacks. Our room has air conditioning which my husband complained that it’s not strong enough.


The bathroom is tiny but it’s fine because it’s clean. Towels were clean but scratchy. It’s a plus that they clean and change towels everyday unless you requested not to. I was wondering where is the soap and shampoo but its actually attached to the wall. It has tons of hot water and cold water to of course. They also provided a hair dyer and an iron.


Free Hot Breakfast is one of the first things I am looking for when booking a hotel. And Best Western Hotels offers a great buffet breakfast but unlike Best Western Tacoma and Best Western Las Brisas they don’t offer omelets to order. Which is one we are excited for but free breakfast is always a good thing. It save you money and you can use the money for something else. That is the reason I always look for Best Western were ever we go.

This is not a sponsor post. ROR paid for everything. Cost: $234 for 2 nights & 3 days


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